Invisiglove Disinfecting Services

Invisiglove Disinfecting Services

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We are now offering disinfecting services for your Home or Business using Invisiglove technology that can last up to 30days. The CDC states that 80% of germs are passed through critical touchpoints, so why not protect both your hands and the surfaces we touch every day with new technology that gives you RESIDUAL PROTECTION. Our new Invisiglove disinfecting service program offers residual protection for both your hands and the critical touchpoints we encounter every day.

Step 1-Invisiglove 24-Hour Hand Purifier. We start with installing our Invisiglove Hand Purifier that is 99.99% effective and lasts up to 24 hours on your hands. This offers you residual protection for your hands and 99.99% effective against anything you may touch throughout your day.

Step 2-Residual Disinfecting Service. Our residual disinfecting service offers a 2-step process to disinfecting your home or business. Our trained technicians will first use an EPA registered disinfectant for Human Coronavirus and disinfect all critical touchpoints such as door handles, elevator buttons, copier touchpads, ATM machines, phones, keyboards, toilet handles, refrigerator doors, microwave handles cabinet knobs, soap dispenser buttons, etc. We disinfect all critical touchpoints that can cause the spread of germs and viruses. Then step 2 is applying the Invisiglove residual protection technology to all disinfected critical touchpoints. The Invisiglove technology bonds to surfaces and last up to 30days.

Services Offered:
  • Commercial Hand Dispenser Installation
  • Invisiglove Disinfecting Services
  • Weekly Bathroom Disinfecting Service-starting at just $300/month
  • Home Cleaning
  • Commercial Janitorial